The Balanced Goddess of January and February

Happy New Year my Fellow Balanced Goddesses,

I am thrilled to feature Anel Parra of Bold Ascension. Impressively Anel embodies The Balanced Goddess spirit in so many ways. She is a business owner, mother, and advocate for many philanthropic causes.

Last Spring I attended a women’s empowerment brunch hosted by an organization I just started becoming affiliated with called Amigas 4 My Soul. During the brunch, we were all asked to get up and introduce ourselves to attendees that we did not yet know. I introduced myself to surrounding tables. Anel boldly and enthusiastically went up to me and introduced herself.

Anel oozed positive energy and a unique sense of style that was all her own. She had a sparkle in her eye and a warm, friendly smile. I loved her short purple hair and her unique fashion forward statement piece earrings. Having short hair myself and being jewelry fanatic myself, I loved her style. Not everyone can rock short hair. Anel certainly can! Yay for short hair club! 🙂bb-district-85bb-district-85-1

She introduced herself as a business owner getting ready to launch a purpose driven statement piece online jewelry shop. I told her of my aspirations for The Balanced Goddess. I quickly realized that this was an inspirational woman who was on the pathway to success. I took a mental note to stay connected with this genuine spirit.

Her genuine spirit stayed with me as I followed her on social media over the months. I messaged her on her Instagram and asked if she would like to collaborate with me. I was thrilled when she immediately answered and agreed to be featured on my blog along with my social media sites. I immediately knew that my readers would vibe to her Balanced Goddess energy. A woman who was balancing all facets of life flawlessly.

Anel balances it all through proper time management and practices self-care. She only commits to activities and events she knows will be the most impactful. She is an avid networker and even attends networking events alone to get out of her comfort zone. She believes that networking is branching out to those who you do not know and starting a conversation. Anel believes that self-care is crucial to maintaining her energy and spirit. She attends church with her family weekly and has put her fate in the hands of God. Not only is she passionate about her faith, but she and her family also volunteer their time to helping those less fortunate. She balances it all with making time for herself such as working out, being involved in a women empowerment group Amigas 4 My Soul, and nights out with girlfriends. Lastly, she practices self-care by getting massages and facials to feel and look her best.

As the New Year rang in Anel launched her social campaign #iamboldirise. She put together a desk calendar in which she spotlighted 12 women who overcame their circumstances to become better versions of themselves. She highlighted women who overcame bullying, sexual abuse, and more. I know that many women strive to overcome their circumstances, but it is inspiring when you meet someone who has.color-trans-logo

Not only is Anel a Balanced Goddess who balances it all, but she also rises above her circumstances as well. She is someone who I have seen come out of the “fog” and into the light of achieving her dreams. All of us get caught in this “fog.” We become buried in our circumstances. Whether it’s a bad relationship, over eating, not able to start a business and more! The “fog” keeps us in a realm of unprogressive movement. There are many books on this topic. One famous book on this topic is titled The Secret.

Although we can research different ways to come out of our self-perpetrated “fog,” I believe it is easier to find someone you truly relate to and learn their “anti-fog” techniques. Anel of Bold Ascension has graciously revealed her background story and ways to get out of her “fog” and onto the road of success and empowerment.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Balanced Goddess blog highlight/Vlog; that spotlights Anel and how she rose out of her “fog” to become an up and coming business owner making a social impact. I assure you that her experience will influence you and help start a journey out of your own “fog.”

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I am Bold I Rise Celebration Event at LA’s Busby venue


The Balanced Goddess Diana


The Balanced Goddess of November and December


Sarah Garcia is such a beacon of shining light! No matter what life throws her way, she handles everything with faith and grace. She also turns every experience into a learning experience. She has been my shoulder to cry on, my wise friend and confidante. I am so privileged to get to know her over the past 5 years. Especially this past year! She has completely blown me away and truly embodied The Balanced Goddess spirit. I smile as I prepare her interview for The Balanced Goddess Blog. Finding the time in our busy schedules became a bit of a challenge. We ended up meeting at a popular Mexican restaurant over margaritas. Mine was virgin of course 😉 I chuckle as I think back to how I navigated the interview over loud mariachi music and those enjoying dinner in the background. With belly laughs and engaging conversation, we produced heartfelt Balanced Goddess literature.


A few years ago she embarked on a journey of self-improvement and committed herself to new career endeavors. Not only did she learn new trades, but she has also committed herself to giving back to the community through her Doula services. Being an expecting mother myself, this topic completely fascinates me. I am so pleased and honored to announce winter’s Balanced Goddess Sarah Garcia. Mother, Doula, Financial Professional Dual Licensed Therapist (Esthetician/Massage Therapist). Please take a moment to read about my inspiring interview with Sarah:

What inspired you to start your own business?

My kids have inspired me. Being able to be at home with them is crucial. Working for someone else was something I just didn’t want to do anymore. Working for myself is important and following my passions is key. I have always felt in my heart to follow passions. I want my work to be good for my overall being while helping others in some sort of way.

How will your business and help women?

Right now in this day of age, I feel that women just work and work. We work so hard for our families. We don’t take time out for ourselves. I think it is important to help women to relax and feel beautiful. I like helping women take time for them by providing esthetician/massage services. Women give so much. I think it’s important to guide them in taking an hour out of their busy schedules to give back to themselves.

What philanthropic cause are you passionate about and how do you give back?

One of my philanthropic passions is helping singles moms. Especially single moms, who overextend themselves for everyone else in their lives. I am also a trained doula. I assist women in having a natural childbirth. I coach women to deliver naturally. I feel most modern childbirths utilize dangerous drugs and unnecessary medical procedures. I volunteer my doula services at Casa Teresa in the city of Orange. I also volunteer my massage services for free prenatal massages along with free esthetician services to women in need.

What inspirational woman has motivated you to be The Balanced Goddess that you are?

The first woman that comes to mind is my grandmother. My grandmother Jenny is an amazing lady. She is strong, powerful, and compassionate. I have always looked up to her. I wanted to be her growing up. She was a stay at home mother and raised 7 children. Her youngest daughter who is my Uncle is disabled. She has been by his side and even at 83 years old she plays an active role in his life. She is beautiful inside and out and has influenced me throughout my life. My daughter has also inspired me to be a Balanced Goddess. She is a lively seventeen-year-old. She has been my personal cheerleader as I decided to enroll in beauty school and finish up my certifications. I feel that I must be the ultimate role model for her. I want her to know through my actions; she can do anything she sets her heart to. I show her on the daily that with hard work and dedication she can achieve her dreams!

How do you live The Balanced Goddess healthy lifestyle? How do you take time for yourself?

Honestly, I just finished beauty school. I finished massage school and esthetician school. It was the craziest 2000 hours of my life in addition to working full-time and raising two kids. I didn’t take too much time for myself because I was reaching my goal. Now that I have achieved my certifications, I plan to balance my life in different ways. I plan to take more time for myself. I also intend to reconnect with friends and family. I want to continue growing outwardly and work on inner self-development.



The Balanced Goddess of August & September

The Balanced Goddess of August & September Chelsie of Polished by Grace

This goddess holds a special place amongst the goddesses I have encountered and admire. I had originally met her on a business trip last year. At that time we both worked for the same company. I was on a Dallas tour and met Chelsie at one of the company locations. Right away I knew there was something different and special about her. She had a sparkle to her, sunny disposition and positive attitude. I really took notice of her kindness and genuineness.

After my business trip, we connected via social media. We followed each other’s journeys. We both ending up leaving the company we both worked at. I went on to create The Balanced Goddess blog. I also accepted a retail marketing position with a menswear company. Chelsie started her own print work company called Polished by Grace. She also moved and essentially started over to improve her life. We had many conversations on what it meant to be creative, true to ourselves and self-starters. She has influenced me to go for my passions. I did so likewise. Chelsie embodies The Balanced Goodness spirit of truly helping other women believe in themselves. Lastly, Chelsie has been teaching me a lot about discipline and follow-through.

I am so honored and thrilled to announce The Balanced Goddess of August and September:

Ms. Chelsie of Polished by Grace. Please see our conversation below:

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always had a passion for creative design. I wanted to start a business that reflects the kind of person that I strive to be. I want women to come together and collaborate with one another instead of constantly competing against each other. About 2 years ago I went through an extremely hard time in my personal life where I felt weak and defeated. I noticed that all I was doing in my life was studying and I wanted to make a change, I wanted to better myself and help others at the same time. I have always wanted to start my own website and so late one night I went for it. I purchased Polished by Grace and I haven’t looked back since. I still have a lot to learn but the journey has been exhilarating. I would by lying if I said it was easy, there have been times that I’ve struggled to maintain my business and my priorities at school. I’m in my last semester of college and it is easy to get distracted in my business because it is what I love to do.

How will your business help women?

Polished by Grace was created to share my vision with others. I want my work to inspire other people. I want my prints to make others smile. I want my prints to encourage women to follow their dreams and make them a reality. Polished by Grace will hopefully reach women in a positive way and bring us closer. I believe Polished by Grace will empower women to create together, collaborate ideas, and support every woman in their everyday lives.

What philanthropic cause are you passionate about and how do you give back?

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the philanthropic cause that I give back to through my business. At Polished by Grace, we believe in giving back to those who need it. 10% of every purchase is donated to The Walk to End Alzheimer’s and we are very proud to be a part of this organization.

What inspirational woman has motivated you to be the Balanced Goddess that you are?

My grandmother is the person that I strive to be like every day. She has been the leading example in my life of how every woman should live her life. She beat breast cancer when I was five years old and has since then been a charitable donor to many causes that help families and children. She has encouraged me to be the best that I can be and to never give up.

How do you live the Balanced Goddess healthy lifestyle? How do you take time for yourself from your busy schedule?

I try to live my life-like Christ and maintain a healthy balance between my business, school, and social life. My family is the most important thing in my life. Right now my life has been insanely busy with school and my business but I love to take time for myself by getting pedicures! I love to get lost in a good book and a hot bath!

-Written by founder and creator of The Balanced Goddess Diana George

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Balanced Goddess of July

Amber Jacquez of Miss Corporate Diva



The Balanced Goddess team is incredibly honored to feature Miss Corporate Diva as our Balanced Goddess of July. This incredible Balanced Goddess is a corporate powerhouse. Amber-Marie Jacquez is an inspirational leader and role model for women. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University with her BA in Marketing and Information Systems, Amber advanced quickly from a Marketing Coordinator to Assistant Vice President of National Accounts with fortune 10 companies, General Electric, (GE) and Synchrony Financial. Her career, as defined by her peers, is one of dynamic leadership, passion, and great creativity. During her tenure, Amber has lead various organizations within the company that are dedicated to developing minority professionals.

More notably, Amber is the genius behind Miss Corporate Diva. Miss Corporate Diva provides the essential tools and coaching women need to become true powerhouses! She has coached her clients to success by pushing them out of their comfort zone, helping them define their value, and define a clear strategy for their businesses and careers. The Balanced Goddess brand is one of the many brands she has mentored and influenced. Balanced Goddess creator Diana George sat down with Miss Corporate Diva herself.

What inspired you to start your own business? Growing up I watched my mom run many of her own businesses while working a fulltime job. I always admired her hustle and her hunger for more. With her example, I always visualized myself owning a business that helped women in multiple facets of life. I wanted other women to be like her, confident, independent, fearless!  It’s taken me many attempts to make it real, but Miss Corporate Diva was born when I stopped trying to find a business and instead starting sharing me and my story with others.

How will the brand Miss Corporate Diva help women? I want to help women succeed in the corporate world and in business by taking what’s made me successful and showing them that being your authentic self DOES make you thrive! I customize all of my programs to fit my client’s unique situation and goals. Defining your worth and value in the business environment is one of the struggles I see the most. My programs all start with coaching my clients to define that for themselves and for their businesses. I work with individuals on their career management, small businesses on their sales and marketing strategies, and I create custom workshops for small and large businesses.

What philanthropic cause are you passionate about and how do you give back? I’m on the board of an amazing nonprofit Amigas4MySoul created by women for women with the mission to inspire women to live purposefully and courageously.The growth we have seen from women attending our events is incredible! Women who once were afraid of their own greatness are now business owners, stronger individuals, and are creating opportunities for themselves.

What inspirational woman has motivated you to be the Balanced Goddess that you are?Wow, where do I start! I am blessed to have so many women in my life that inspire me Tita Yanar, a woman who in high school looked at me and said “I dare you to be great!” She was my speech and debate coach for many years and still I hear her voice in my head all the time! I remember looking at her and being in awe of her beauty! She was this incredible Latina, poised, funny, brilliant and epitome of a Power Latina! My Mom has always been my inspiration! She does it all and knows everyone! In her world, there truly are no excuses, anything IS possible and yes you CAN have it all. She is the queen of networking and developing meaningful relationships.  I really do “get it from my momma!” My tribe… yes my tribe. My tribe consists of all the women in my family and close circle of friends. Each of them has taught me something special, pushed me and challenged me and they each inspire something different in me.

How do you live the Balanced Goddess healthy lifestyle? How do you take time for yourself from your busy schedule? I’ve stopped looking for the “work/life balance.”  There is no such thing, there is only life. When you live passionately, unapologetically, and fearlessly you learn to do what you need to do for you without compromising that. I am okay saying no to friends, work, and other things that derail me from my priorities. I manage my time I don’t let others or work manage it. I also know myself to my core. So I know how to fuel my mind body and soul and when I need to.  Other than that I run all the time all day every day! There’s no wasted time for me. I calendar everything and make sure to always put my priorities first:





Please connect with Miss Corporate Diva! Instagram,  Website and Snapchat: @Misscorpdiva

Miss Corporate Diva also leads the Amigas4mySoul Long Beach Sister Circle. Click Miss Corpoate Diva’s Instagram for #A4MS postings.


Balanced Goddess of June

Stassa Mark of Stassa Designs

unnamed (1)

Who inspired you to start Stassa Designs? Back in college I was working part time at Nordstrom. I would design and handcraft my jewelry to coordinate with my outfits for work to save money. My coworkers all noticed my jewelry and eventually started asking me to make them some pieces in different colors. I started making a lot of jewelry sets for this very sweet woman in cosmetics named Martha. She worked at the Estee Lauder counter and had to wear a uniform everyday. She had me make many statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in pops of colors so she wouldn’t feel so bored with her everyday uniform. It was Martha who kept pushing me to start a business. I didn’t think anyone else would really be interested but I thought I would give it a shot. If anything, I would have jewelry to wear for myself. My business took off and I even became a vendor and sold an exclusive Breast Cancer Awareness jewelry line at all Bay Area Nordstrom locations.

What are favorite collections/pieces? My favorite collection is my Rosey Posey Collection. I use Sterling Silver, Gold-Fill, or Rose Gold-Fill wire to design and hand wire wrap a ring, pendant or earrings into a delicate shape of a rose.

 How do you live a Balanced goddess lifestyle? I live a Balanced goddess lifestyle by managing my time efficiently. It’s not always easy working from home but I am so blessed to have this opportunity. I am towards the end of my first pregnancy and the only thing that has kept me centered is my weekly prenatal yoga and biweekly pregnancy massage. Not to mention the wonderful support of my family and friends!
How do you take time for yourself out of your busy schedule? I take time out of my busy schedule for myself by “unplugging” daily. This was so hard at first because I wanted to be totally available at any moment to anyone but I have found that this is essential for me. I also always make sure I get 7-8 hours of sleep a night to be fully recharged for the next busy day ahead of me. What women entrepreneurs do you look up to and why? There are many women entrepreneurs that I look up to but two women stand out the most. I love Betsey Johnson’s feminine style, she isn’t afraid to be a little different or over the top in her fashion design. She is a long time breast cancer survivor and I had the pleasure to listen to her talk about her battle and meet her in person and gift her a piece of my jewelry collection. I will never forget it! Another woman entrepreneur that I look up to is my boss and mentor, Sara Schaer. This woman does it all while balancing a beautiful family with 2 young boys and makes it all look so easy. As a woman in the startup world there are so many challenges and her perseverance has paid off. Sara Schaer is CEO and cofounder of Kango, a mobile service that provides rides + care for children in the Bay Area.


What community give back organizations are you passionate about? I am very active and passionate about the organization United Cerebral Palsy of San Joaquin County. UCP enables children and adults with disabilities to live “Life without Limits”. Their programs are a valuable part to individuals with disabilities in our community and their staff is so caring and compassionate. My husband and I are a sponsor every year at their annual crab-feed and always donate jewelry to their silent auctions.

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